Aluminum window in Gatineau

Any home or commercial structure benefits from having aluminum windows, as they look great and last a long time. They are easy to install and operate due to their lightweight structure. The frames also feature a PVC thermal break, which reduces heat transfer from the inside of the building to the outside. Due to their high temperature extrusion, aluminum window frames are strong and durable. The frames absorb light and glow when the sun reflects off their silver surfaces, adding a delicate glow to any environment in Outaouais.

Why choose an aluminum window?

Because aluminum windows have a significantly lower global warming potential than other window materials and use less fossil fuel, Portes et fenêtres SK3 can say with certainty that they are an energy-efficient option.

  • A moderate amount of energy is required to produce and maintain aluminum windows over their lifetime, compared to any other situation, including wood.
  • Aluminum frames have a 52% lower calculated global warming potential and a 45% lower calculated fossil fuel depletion.

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