Why should you choose SK3 for your custom windows and doors in the Outaouais?

For all your renovation or construction projects, residential or commercial, SK3 offers a wide range of custom-made doors and windows at a very competitive price. We can also help you bring your vision to life, advise you and even refer you for your glass railings, balustrades, guardrails, and showers.

Expertise for over 25 years

With over 25 years of experience, our team will provide you with clear explanations and sound advice to help you make the right choice and protect your investment. We also favour Canadian suppliers who meet the same high-quality standards as us.

Human and personalised service

We are very proud to be a small team! This allows us to ensure the quality of our installation and service as well as to offer affordable prices to our customers without compromising the quality of the products and materials.

We are fully committed to the projects we undertake and ensure that each one is conducted through a trust-based relationship with our clients. We start with a site visit to produce a free, no obligation initial estimate. If you decide to proceed, you will then receive a full description of the intended work and a detailed assessment of the project. The suggested products are selected according to your project, your budget, and your aesthetics.

Fast delivery

What sets us apart from our competition is our fast delivery. With us, your project can usually start weeks, even months, ahead of our competitors. Choosing our company means opting for quality, efficiency and unrivalled peace of mind. Trust our proven experience and our passion for success!